The facilitators and faculty below bring their professional knowledge and expertise to the various workshops and training programmes we run at IFEEL Qualifications.

All IFEEL faculty are experienced in EFHD and bring many additional skills, information and awareness to the courses, including traumatologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, autism specialists, coaches and horsemanship instructors. To learn more about faculty members, please click on their profile pictures for full biographies.

Faculty are available to provide practitioner supervision, please contact us to find out more.

Current Faculty

Sun Meyer
Sun MeyerCEO IFEEL Method Qualifications (IFMQ) Co-creator The IFEEL Method Faculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L5 EFHD, L6 EFPT, L7 EFHD & EFPT7
Jackie Turner
Jackie TurnerProgramme Director - Dare to Live Wales / Faculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L5 EFHD & L6 EFPT
Dawn Oakley Smith
Dawn Oakley SmithFaculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L5 EFHD
Mary-Joy Johnson
Mary-Joy JohnsonProgramme Director - Dare to Live Faculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L5 EFHD & L6 EFPT

Other IFEEL Staff

Irina Dolmatova-Eggers
Irina Dolmatova-EggersProgramme Director IFMG - Europe; Co-director Inspired Change; Course & Workshop Support
Thomas Gonschior
Thomas GonschiorSupport Facilitator - Europe & Training Centre Provider - Germany
Richard Poole
Richard PooleAssociate IQA & Consultant IFMQ

Former Faculty & Contributors

Jenny Eichner
Jenny Eichner Programme Director (2017 - 2020)
Dr Barbara Murray
Dr Barbara MurrayCo-creator The IFEEL Method Programme Director (2004 - 2014)
Kathleen Barry Ingram
Kathleen Barry IngramCo-creator The IFEEL Method / Co-creator of The Epona Approach / Guest Tutor IFMQ
Grace Lawson Baker
Grace Lawson BakerProgramme Director - Dare to Live Faculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L6 EFPT
Shelley Carr
Shelley CarrCo-creator The IFEEL Method Programme Consultant IFMQ
Course Director (2012 - 2016)
Erika Uffindell
Erika UffindellFaculty Tutor and Lecturer L6 EFPT Faculty Tutor and Lecturer L7 EFHD

Faculty Testimonials

Faculty Testimonials
Faculty TestimonialsClick to find out more