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The Impact of the IFEEL Method of EFPT


The use of horses within human mental health services has occurred since the 1950s (Wang et al, 2015). Equine human interventions are increasing in popularity within human counselling and behavioural development programmes. However, despite this, few evidence based studies evaluating the impact of these studies on their human participants exist.

Read the Qualitative Findings via the Link below.


Interpreting Equine Facilitated Interventions

The IFEEL Method, is a form of trauma informed and trauma focused psychotherapy that was developed in 2008, to deliver high standard equine facilitated interventions that are grounded in evidenced based neuro-bio-psycho-social human development and behaviour change models.

The IFEEL Method includes a robust systematic methodology to interpret the equine facilitated interventions and to best evaluate the application of equine activities within the therapeutic human behaviour and change process.