CEO IFEEL Method Qualifications (IFMQ)

Co-creator The IFEEL Method Faculty Tutor, Lecturer, Supervisor L5 EFHD, L6 EFPT, L7 EFHD & EFPT7sun-tui

Sun Meyer is a leading psychological consultant, practitioner and trainer within the field of equine assisted facilitation with specialism’s in executive coaching, psychotraumatology and PTSD.

The IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Human Development (EFHD) has been developed by Sun following an extensive 3 year training with Linda Kohanov and Kathleen Barry Ingram MA in Arizona. The IFEEL Method is Sun’s response to her desire to see evidence based equine facilitated practice delivered safely, effectively and professionally considering the needs of both people and horses.

Sun established IFEEL Qualifications Ltd as an accredited degree and Masters equivalent level training provider and courses have been certificated under Excel, Pearson and now Crossfields Institute (regulated by Ofqual). Sun and the IFEEL Q faculty have been delivering pioneering training since 2007.

The Dare to Live Trust charity was founded by Sun to provide education and life skills programmes to improve the well-being and ease the challenges that servicemen and women experience as they transition into civilian life. Recently this has been expanded to support young people as they transition into adult life.

Sun demonstrated a passion for developing human potential with initial training as a Jungian and Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Bereavement Counsellor after extensive esoteric studies with the Scientific and Medical Network and the Spiritual Healing Trust. Current studies include a post-graduate diploma in Psychotraumatology and PTSD. Sun Tui is a support tutor on ICS PG Diploma in CBT based Integrative Approach for Treating Complex Trauma and PTSD in Adults and Children.

Sun is currently undertaking a doctorate in the applications of Equine Facilitated Human Development through Canterbury Christ Church University which includes a clinical research programme to evaluate the IFEEL Method where applied to the Dare to Live Programmes for Veterans.

Aged 25, Sun won the Prince’s Youth Trust Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her successful bespoke fashion design business. She then went on to build a consultancy for business start-ups, implementing management, marketing and accounts systems for a range of small businesses within the fashion, complementary health, restaurant and construction sectors. Sun studied Fine Art at UCA Farnham, and painting, in various forms, helps her relax and refocus.

Spiritual practice has always formed a core of Sun’s approach to her professional life and she most closely identifies with the Chinese tradition of Daoism. Sun practiced Goju-ryu Karate and Akido martial arts for many years. Today Sun brings techniques and movements from her practice of T’ai Chi and Chi body work into many of her courses.

Sun did her original equestrian training with the British Horse Society, providing a solid foundation for the integration of a wide range of relational and other natural horsemanship principles derived from her extensive studies both in the UK and overseas. Sun’s continued equine training includes working with the Bruce Logan Foundation and Applied Equine Behaviour.

Sun’s passion for the development of Equine Facilitated Human Development is a direct result of her successful transitional journey through various challenges in her own life.

The death of a child, a younger child’s journey through cancer, the sudden loss of both her parents, divorce, living with family members in recovery from addiction and her own rehabilitation from a near fatal car accident and PTSD, are all part of the rich tapestry of Sun’s life, so similar to the life of many people she meets in her practice. Sun Tui believes it is not the incident itself that causes trauma, it is the inability to express and process the emotions of the experience: “Stuck emotions leave us blocked and unable to move forward with our lives in a fulfilled way”.

Sun grew up in the British Military community and enlisted into the TA in Germany whilst married to a serving army officer. She fully understands the difficulties many ex-service personnel encounter, whilst coping with the transitions in and out of deployment and then onto civilian life.

Sun lives in Withyham, East Sussex with her partner, Robin Evans, occasionally her two daughters and the IFEEL herd, composed of 9 horses and various other animals.

Professional Experience 
Founder of Dare to Live Trust (2011 to date)
Co-Director of Inspired Change (2011 to date)
CEO & Co-Programme Director of IFEEL Qualifications (2007 to date)
Tutor PG Dip (Level 7) Traumatology & PTSD ICS Ltd (2014 to date)

Professional Membership Bodies
UK Psychological Trauma Society UKPTS
The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies ESTSS
The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies ISTSS
American Board of Hypnotherapy ABH
Coaching Division & American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming CD ABNLP
Accredited Member National Council for Psychotherapists MNCP (Accred)

Training & Qualifications
PhD in Professional Practices: Psychological Perspectives, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent (current)
ESTSS General Certificate in Psychotraumatology 2014 – 2016
PG Dip (Level 7) Traumatology & PTSD ICS Ltd, Surrey 2012 – current
Level 3 Certificate in Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), London 2014 – 2015
Level 1 Pinea 3 OES Leadership, Team & Organisational Development, Barcelona 2015
Advanced Emotional Intelligence & EBW Business Psychometric Systems Facilitator, London 2014 – current
Advanced Epona Quest™ POTH Instructor, Arizona 2007 – 2009
Diploma in Applied Equine Behaviour – ground & ridden horsemanship Instructor, Sussex 2009
Certified NLP Coach, Time Line and Hypnosis Practitioner, London 2009-2011
British Horse Society PTT, London 2005 – 2006
Certificates in Psychotherapeutic & Bereavement Counselling, London 1998 – 2007
2nd Dan Tai Chi and Martial Arts, Surrey 1992 – 1999
Diplomas in Human, Animal and Equine Healing, Surrey 1992 – 1999