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SAFE Professionals is a directory of competently trained Equine Facilitated or Assisted Professionals for discerning general public, corporate and NGO organisations.
Currently there is no regulation for this emerging field and professional standards of training and practice vary greatly.

This directory lists only Equine Facilitated or Assisted Professionals who have:

1. Evidenced certified Equine Facilitated or Assisted Training qualification

2. Evidenced membership of a recognised professional body for their area of practice
e.g. counselling, psychotherapy, human development, coaching, business consultancy etc

3. Evidenced supervision of Equine Facilitated or Assisted practice

4. Evidenced professional indemnity insurance

5. Evidenced relevant Continual Professional Development

6. Agreed to adhere to the Standards for Assisted and Facilitated Equine Professionals code of care for equines.


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