Crossfields Institute specialises in supporting holistic and integrative education practitioners to meet regulatory standards, whilst maintaining educational principles, practice, vision and values. Crossfields Institute enables a high level of ownership and flexibility for centres. Programmes are developed by the Institute’s Qualifications Development Team and quality assured by the Institute’s Quality Assurance Team. The Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Equine Development (EFHD) is the first OfQual regulated qualification in equine therapy in England and is recognition of the high quality training we provide. OfQual is the regulator of qualifications and examinations in England and this means that you can be confident of a high quality learning experience.

Please visit the OfQual site to find out more about our courses. This site shows the qualifications and awarding organisations regulated by Ofqual and CCEA Regulation. The site is shared by the two regulators. Search the site to find out about the size, level and content of a regulated qualification. You can also search for recognised awarding organisations.

Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Human Development  Which is Regulated by OfQual 603/4223/7

Crossfields Institute Level 6 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology. Which is Regulated by OfQual 603/4389/8

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

NCIP offer an integrated professional membership service for businesses coaches and therapists. NCIP ensure that all their registered members have full insurance, supervision and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) thus ensuring the highest standards for client welfare. All IFEEL students and graduates are eligible for membership with the NCIP.

SAFE Professionals Directory was set to up to address the need promote Equine Assisted Facilitated Professionals that:

  1. can demonstrate a high level training competency in Equine Assisted Facilitation
  2. have regular client supervision
  3. attend regular continuous professional development (CPD)
  4. have professional practice insurance
  5. have current membership of an independent professional body such as National Counselling Society (NCS), British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), British Psychological Society (BPS), The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP), United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) etc,.

All IFEEL Q graduates who adhere to the above standards are eligible to a listing on the SAFE Professionals Website Directory.

The Safe Professionals Board are up to date with current research in Equine Assisted and Facilitated professions and hold a directory that identifies the various standards of practice, assessment and verification other training organisations offer, in order to benchmark standards of excellence at IFEEL Q.

SAFE Professionals also aims to ensure that all equines engaged in equine assisted or facilitated interventions live and work in non-coercive environments. Their work must be consensual in every aspect and, as such, the emotional, mental and welfare needs of the horse are fully taken into account (Animal Welfare Act 2006).