Why Train with IFEEL Method Qualifications Ltd?

With the recent explosion of equine assisted or facilitated therapy and coaching practitioners, all with varying levels of training standards, values of horse welfare needs and therapeutic treatment claims, it is hard to know or understand what constitutes a safe equine assisted/facilitated therapy or coaching session or what the practitioners professional level of ability actually is.

IFEEL Method Qualifications Ltd was established in 2007, as a professional training that has the depth and psychological competency needed to do justice to any equine assisted facilitation, coaching and psychotherapy interventions. We recognised the need for a systematic method in order to best consider and validate the complex process and outcomes of the Facilitator-Horse-Client alliance. Thus the IFEEL Method of human equine interactions was developed.

We are proud to educate a diverse, self-motivated, well balanced, mutually supportive, conscientious group of professional facilitators needed for this fast-growing, multifaceted field.

For a full list of practising professionals, see our SAFE Professionals Directory.

For the UK National Register of the Human Equine Interaction Register (HEIR), click here.