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Online Taster Day – £95.00*

*Bring a friend and you each pay just £75


IFEEL Method Taster Day – ONLINE

IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Human Development and Psychotraumatology programmes are considered thought leaders in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning, Therapy, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Trauma Focused Psychology. IFEEL Method Qualifications offer accredited and Ofqual regulated training programmes in the field of Equine Facilitated Human Development and Psychotraumatology, founded on a rigorous research programme that evidences efficacy.

If you would like to know more about the IFEEL Method, the various pathways to learning, find out about our sites and meet some of our team, please join us on our new Online Taster Day at a great promotional price offer.

This special Online Taster Day blends theoretical learning and individual practical application following group debrief process.

By attending the Online IFEEL Method Taster Day you will:

◦ Learn about the unique benefits of the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Human Development and Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology training pathways to gain best practice standard in an internationally recognised professional qualification.  Ensuring the best opportunities for future employment within the field of Equine-Human Interactions.
◦ Get clarity on what Equine Facilitated Learning, Therapy, Coaching and Psychotherapy and Trauma Focused Psychology can and cannot do. What is the evidence base in which we can trust?
◦ Be inspired to know how to achieve best practice results in the fast growing field of Equine Human Interventions.
◦ Learn what is Equine Centred – Relational Horsemanship and why this is a good foundation for best practice for any Equine Human Interventions.
◦ Be introduced to best equine welfare practice as evidenced by leading equine behaviourists and ethologists.
◦ Learn about the IFEEL Herd who are free to roam together on tracked paddocks and live according to their innate needs.
◦ Learn how to get your own experience of meeting horses applying principals and techniques of Relational Horsemanship and the IFEEL Method of facilitation.
◦ Be awarded a CPD certificate with 6 credits.

IFEEL Method Qualifications is registered as a BACP Organisational Member and as an Institute Member of Horses in Education and Therapy (HETI).


‘be the change you want to see in the world’

– Ghandi

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