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This workshop is for those specifically looking to do the Facilitator Training.

This workshop covers all the exercises and theory you need to start the facilitator training. These days give the faculty a chance to meet and assess the student’s suitability for the course and to act as a personal development opportunity for the student before embarking on the training. Additionally, students draw on their prerequisite experience as part of their training studies.

In addition to being a prerequisite for the training, this workshop allows you to create the space to re-connect and access the power of living authentically.

The fast pace of demands and pressures in our daily life often destabilizes the work/life well-being balance. Increasingly, relationships and health are undermined and damaged, we may even lose direction and purpose.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

The IFEAL Method is an experiential learning process involving horses, that consistently demonstrates the way you approach the horse is the way you approach the relationship with yourself, others and the world.

By attending this workshop you will receive:

  • Recognition of others body language and what it really means
  • Functional behavioural change tools that focus on the ‘now’
  • Engaged enthusiasm to be realistic about your own needs
  • Enhanced communication and relationship skills
  • Internal alignment – a sense of health, wealth and happiness