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Many of us experience moments when we just don’t know ‘what to do for the best’ or ‘which way to turn’. We may no longer feel we can trust ourselves to make good choices after a difficult life event.

‘It appears that the goal the individual most wishes to achieve, the end which he knowingly and unknowingly pursues, is to become himself’ Carl Rogers

The IFEEL Method is an experiential learning process involving horses, that can help us learn how to take ‘right’ action and be sure that our ideas will work. To understand which dysfunctional beliefs and behaviour patterns detrimentally affect your thinking and behaviour you will you work with the horses to discover other options that emerge as you map out your plans and next steps through a course that represent aspects of yourself or your life. The horse’s instant, honest feedback elicits spontaneous change in beliefs and behaviours- we instantly know what next step is right.

By attending The Next Steps workshop you will receive
• Instant, honest feed back from the horse as to what idea works or not
• Valuable insights about yourself, your limiting beliefs and behaviours
• Functional behavioural change tools that focus on the ‘now’
• Clarity on next step ‘right’ actions
• Successful outcomes on goals and future plans