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Instructors: Dawn Oakley-Smith & Senior Faculty

What: 2-Day Hands-on Workshop

Location: Heartshore Horses, Near Stroud

CPD: 16 Hours

Class Size: 4 places


Join us for a Two-Day Horsemanship Workshop, where you’ll delve into the transformative world of Relational Human-Equine Centred Interaction (RHECI). 

Unlock Potential:

Discover RHECI layered approach, merging human goals with equine authenticity for a dynamic journey. Explore diverse backgrounds enriching the human-equine bond. Delve into learning theory and the LIMA (least intrusive minimal aversive) approach for deeper understanding of equine behaviour and how they learn.

Forge Connection:

Immerse in the herd’s world, fostering genuine connections through subtle communication. Experience boundary work’s impact, establishing authentic connections with horses. Engage in interactive exercises for emotional and physical connection.

Journey to Presence:

Cultivate stillness amidst movement, discovering presence and coherence in equine interactions. Reflect on implicit communication, deepening bonds with equine partners. Reconnect with the herd, understanding their behaviour and communication cues.

Unleash Motivation:

Explore motivation intricacies, fostering trust and relaxation in equine relationships. Engage in stimulating activities to deepen trust and connection. Master intention in liberty work, building partnerships based on trust and respect.

Navigate Direction:

Overcome obstacles with grace, mastering communication with minimal noise. Direct flow in larger fields with finesse and precision, guiding equine partners confidently. Embark on a transformative journey of human-equine interaction. Reserve your spot today and discover the profound connections awaiting you.