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Join Irina at Agroturismo Nido del Falco, outside Poggio Moiano (1 hour drive from Rome) and The Apennines

The Nature Assisted Mindfulness and Rewilding Your heart workshop is organised by MiMer centre and to be facilitated by:

  • Katarina Lundgren: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor and Educator, Nature and Equine Assisted Interventions Facilitator and Educator, Cognitive Science Master’s student and a student of Expressive Arts and Person-Centered Psychotherapy. Director of MiMer Centre.
  • Irina Dolmatova-Eggers: Programme Director IFMQ – Europe, Co-director Inspired Change, Faculty Tutor and Lecturer L7 EFHD & Support Faculty L6 EFPT, collaborator and co-faclitator in MiMer workshops.

The workshop is designed to support the re-connection and discovering “wilder” part of self and how you are not only part of nature but are nature.

It teaches another, more grounded way of practicing mindfulness and perceiving the importance of ecosystem including the role of humankind, horses, and other species. It also can help you to resource your heart and mind especially if you sense lack of life purpose due to day-to-day challenges.

During workshop we will spend 4 days nurturing our wilder, more feral sides and practice “to see” with “wilder” hearts what is around us in nature, through the lens of belonging to nature, not being outside of it, with the support of Nature Assisted Mindfulness (NAM).

Practically this means we will spend half a-day on introductions, putting ourselves and what we do in a context, there will be some theory presented.

Then we will spend 2 days on practing trauma sensitive nature assistesd mindfulness.

On our last day we will travel to a nature resereve with Rewilding Europe guide to meet some of Italy’s wilder sides to  experience how to be a part of the ecosystem. Well prepared from our previous days with NAM we will learn what Rewilding Apennines is about, what means ecosystem, interconnections in nature (predators and prey animals, humans in different social roles).

In the end of the day, we will invite you to reflect on what might unfold, being in the “wild” in correlation to your own growth edges and life/work challenges and what you have learned.


  • Friends of IFEEL price: 690 Euro (valid until 20th March for the April workshop with code IFEEL23)
  • Regular price: 740 Euro
  • Deadline for signup for April’s workshop – March 30.

Included in the price: All facilitation, education, and guiding. A pre-webinar with a Q & A, a suggested reading list, and a suggested packing list.


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