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Interactions with others are communicated not through words or actions but through the powerful influencing neurological signals of what we are ‘feeling’, which is often very different from what we are ‘thinking’. It is these unconscious, or yet unknown feelings that others directly respond to (also unconsciously) and these are expressed through very subtle, unspoken micro facial movements or body language. This fact is significant in terms of how we can make sense of all communication and relationship issues.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

The IFEAL Method is an experiential learning process involving horses, that consistently demonstrates the way you approach the horse is the way you approach the relationship with your self, others and the world.

By attending The Authentic Relationships workshop you will receive
• clarity on what causes your relationship difficulties
• recognition of others body language and what it really means
• communication skills with others that work