One day workshops for people who are looking
to achieve positive and transformative change
in their lives.



You’ll work together to clarify your team’s
vision, communication skills and improve
your overall alignment.



A workshop that brings together the key skills
and approaches you need to thrive in a volatile,
high pressured and uncertain world.

The Inspired Change approach is underpinned by the IFEEL Method. IFEEL is recognised as a leading body in the area of Equine Facilitated Human Development adopting an evidenced based bio-psycho-social approach and also offers accredited psychological degree and masters programmes. These are independently regulated or accredited by The Crossfields Institute (OfQual) and NCP (National Council of Psychotherapy).

IFEEL Equine Facilitated Human Development is part of a robust research programme with Kings College, London and  Canterbury Christchurch University.

Equine Facilitated Human Development is an emotionally rich and intensely personal process. It works for dedicated teams and people who want to individually or collectively develop their thinking, resolve conflict, inspire each other and generate new possibilities. The outcomes are both dramatic and transformative.

All of our workshops offer a safe and challenging learning experience, with horses living naturally in a free-ranging herd.  Our four-step process has been developed to ensure greater success in the outcomes for the individual, team and organisation as a whole.

Each workshop is led by a fully qualified EFHD practitioner and coach. They are all human development and change consultants with experience across the fields of depth psychology, trauma & PTSD, family systems, leadership/systemic structures and equine ethology.

Horses are powerful educators. They are highly sensitive to subtle energetic signals in human body language and mirror exactly in the moment how others experience you.  This powerfully compelling bio feedback process can reveal behaviours and actions you may be unaware of and stimulate effective behaviours that lead to successful and remarkable outcomes.

Working with horses will enhance your ability to resolve problems, improve creative thinking and disrupt those default corporate behaviours that limit your capacity for growth. Outstanding success with any type of relationship in life or in any enterprise, depends upon being coherent and congruent in your actions and behaviours.

Horses will help you hone your relational skills, exercise judgement and learn more about yourself in a deeply authentic, experiential learning environment unlike any other.

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  • The Resourced Executive
  • Purpose-led leadership for positive impact
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Effective relationships to build trust
  • Personal development and career change
  • Step forward with purpose

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