Academic Consultant IFMQ & D2L

Stella is from the Dickinson family, who have bred, worked with, trained, and competed with horses for at least 100 years -and probably much longer, since her Viking ancestors landed on the estuary of Morecambe Bay, Cumbria.

Stella attunes through non- verbal communication as an HCPC reg. music therapist, retired NHS Head of Music and Art Therapy, active Healthcare researcher, Cognitive analytic psychotherapist, Accredited supervisor, published author and accomplished horse woman.

Stella can be seen here is with a herd of young thoroughbred racehorses enjoying their summer holidays as a herd, at her Mum, Jean Dickinson’s Howldale Stables. There are not many people that can go into a herd of fit racehorses and have that sort of a welcome.