Thank you to Dr Mark Grixti of Brainspotting UK for inviting me onto your wonderful podcast, ‘Awe in Trauma‘.

I have had the privilege of training with Mark in the past and also with sharing our interest in novel, somatic and enriching trauma-focused psychotherapeutic practice.

Those of you who know me, know my fervent passion for children and young people who are care experienced (foster/adoption/SGO/kinship) and who have special educational needs.

My approach is systemic however, so my focus is on improving the quality, responsiveness and health of the care-giving system around the child/young person.

I offer this through my integrative psychotherapy services for parents, carers and professionals by meeting the stories and experiences of trauma for the family, supporting the processing and integrating of those experiences.

One of my approaches and the foundation of my journey as a psychotherapist, is through partnering with horses and the natural world in the form of Human Equine Interactions.

I could talk about this for days…… but here is just an hour.

  • Mary-Joy Johnson
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