IFQ are able to uniquely offer discounted access to a fabulous new self-paced video course created by Linda Kohanov based on some core EponaQuest tools and principles, combined with new research and ideas that have never appeared in any of her books.

The foundational core models of IFEEL Qualifications training courses are based on the pioneering and trailblazing work of Linda Kohanov and Kathleen Barry Ingram (MSC) in Arizona USA. In 2008 Kathleen Barry Ingram, alongside Sun Meyer, Dr Barbara Murray, Shelley Carr and Jennifer Eichner went on to develop the first and only accredited and regulated training courses in Europe that offered psychological and clinical qualifications in what is now known as the IFEEL MethodTM run by IFEEL Qualifications Ltd. Founders Sun Meyer and Dr Barbara Murray are the only Advanced EponaQuest Instructors who lived on site at the EponaQuest ranch for about 3 months from 2007 – 2009, and we are uniquely fortunate to have lived and worked alongside Linda and Kathleen as well as many of the horses Linda writes about in her numerous books. 

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