Our Programme Director, IQA and faculty member, Jenny Eichner is also an Equine Behaviourist. Jenny curated this fantastic conference in October. We are delighted to share that you can now buy access to each of the 14 individual webinars. A feast of fantastic learning to support your knowledge base when working alongside horses.

Positive reinforcement (R+), including clicker, reward based or marker training, is training in which nice things (for example scratches or treats) are used to reward desirable behaviour to reinforce this behaviour happening again. This is an effective form of training and is used with many different animals (even humans), being used widely in the marine mammal world and also the dog world, where they are shifting away from dominance based approaches. R+ has a comparatively small following in the equestrian world, although many have been using this as part of their training for years. 

This conference aims to be accessible for all involved with horses and open the door into the world of R+ for those new to it and to give those who are already use it more knowledge and inspiration.

  • Want to develop better communication and connection with your horse in a calm, safe and fun way?
  • Not sure how to get started, what you can train with R+ or how to use it when riding?
  • Want to find out about ethical evidence based approaches to horse training?
  • Worried that your horse will bite or become aggressive if you use food?
  • Concerned about dealing with “neigh” sayers on your yard?
  • Started with R+ but hitting some stumbling blocks?
  • Want to get more ideas for enriching activities?
  • Curious to find out more?

The live event ran from 17th-30th October 2020. Webinars were run over zoom followed by a Q&A with the speakers. 

To purchase access to all 14 Webinars – CLICK HERE.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an equine charity.