We are advocates of taking care of yourself, whether you’re a mental health professional or not. But now, more than ever, with the spotlight being on mental health and supporting a nation of home-workers we are keen to share one of the sources tap into. Whilst there are many great resources out there, and it’s key to find the one that supports you best in your practice, we are particularly enjoying this new accessible IN CONVERSATION WITH series from the folks at in2gr8mental.com. Check out the Conversation with Professor Jamie Hacker-Hughes, mentor to Sun.

in2gr8mentalhealth is a centre for valuing, de-stigmatising and supporting lived experience of mental health difficulties in mental health professionals. We are all human and mental health difficulties are common in our human population, no matter what role you hold. 

It is how we understand and engage with mental health that matters, which takes compassion and knowledge in the face of a subject that has been stigmatised for as long as we can all remember. ​in2gr8mentalhealth is powered by its peer network of mental health professionals with lived experience.

Check out their new IN CONVERSATION WITH series – HERE