With the recent pandemic adding to the day-to-day stress loads for first responders, teachers, parents, IT support and the Nation’s delivery force who are keeping us all supplied, it’s more important than ever to spread the word about Stress Down Day.

Every year, the Friday before the weekend the clocks go forward, is the annual Stress Down Day. Many employers and organisations have signed up in previous years.

This year Stress Down Day is on March 30th.

Share this with your friends, family and work colleagues and take just a few minutes to join Sun in the Stress Down Day activity. #stressdownday

Sun is the Founder and CEO of IFEEL Method and the Founder of the Dare To Live Trust. She has also been working with the FirstLight Trust for some time now.   In particular, working to support the FirstLight Trust’s ‘Stress Down Day’ initiative which started a few years ago and is all the more important now.

Find out how to Stress Down and get involved.  Watch the video here.