The IFEEL Method – an introduction to HETI

by Sun Meyer CEO of IFEEL Qualifications

The IFEEL Method, is a form of trauma informed and trauma focused psychotherapy that was developed in 2008, to deliver high standard equine facilitated interventions that are grounded in evidenced based neuro-bio-psycho-social human development and behaviour change models. The IFEEL Method includes a robust systematic methodology to interpret the equine facilitated interventions and to best evaluate the application of equine activities within the therapeutic human behaviour and change process.

In a recent blog post (Hallberg, 2018) states that, ‘in reading over 350 peer-review published research articles, methodological issues severely limit our ability to understand what is really happening when horses and humans connect and this impacts the results and the overall validity of the research’.

Read the whole article (pages 44 to 47) here.